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About Us 

Interiorscapes by The Plant Market has been providing professional plant care to area businesses since 1975. We currently provide horticultural service to over 600 locations in Milwaukee, Madison and throughout Wisconsin.  Our success is based on our response to the corporate customer's need for cost-effective planting designs that provide a healthy, inviting and attractive interior environment.

Why Plants? 

- When plants are present in offices, companies reported a 12% increase in worker productivity.
- Health complaints related to sick building syndrome are reduced by 23% on average when plants are included in office designs.
- Surgical patients recover more quickly when plants are present, and they often require less pain medications.
- Plants clean the air! Studies have shown that plant filled rooms contain over 50% fewer airborne molds and bacteria, and they can remove the VOC's from an interior setting within 4-5 days.
- For more facts on the benefits of including interior plants in your workspace, visit Green Plants for Green Buildings Green Plant Benefits.

Why have a plant service?

By outsourcing interior landscaping services, key staff and management are able to focus more completely on tasks specific to company goals. We are professionals, taking care of plants is our business, it shouldn't have to be yours.